Tip: New Exhibition at the Teien Art Museum (庭園美術館)

Decoration never dies, anyway

Teien Art Museum – Decoration never dies, anyway

Eine deutsche Version dieses Artikels finden Sie hier.
A German version of this posting you can find here.

From November 18 this year to February 25, 2018 the Teien Art Museum (庭園美術館) is holding an exhibition of seven contemporary artists that have explored the topic of “decoration” and have integrated it into the Art Déco surrounding, the building of the Teien Art Museum is providing. Don’t miss this fascinating exhibition!

Teien Art Museum – Decoration never dies, anyway

Here are some of the exhibits (the rooms in the Teien Art Museum where you can find those works of art are stated in the photos’ inscription):

Akiko und Masako Takada

The Japanese twins create from inexpensive and everyday items and transform them into suggestions of very different and often precious objects.

Kour Pour

The Los Angeles-based artist was born in Britian, where his Iranian father restored Persian carpets. He paints large and colourful canvases that look like fine antique carpets but with unexpected juxtapositions from other cultures and times.

Makiko Yamamoto

The Japanese artist draws windows of strangers’ homes, using her imagination to create lives for the people who live within. She then pulls the residents to her work, inviting them to recreate the scenes she has imagined.

Nynke Koster

This Dutch artist takes molds of interior pieces of historical buildings and creates from them furniture and decorative elements.

Wim Delvoye

The Belgian Artist borrows decorative elements from Gothic cathedrals and reworks them in intricate laser-cut steel sculptures with modern contexts. In addition the exhibition will show works from his Tyre and Suitcase series.

Yoshikazu Yamagata

The Japanese fashion designer creates art that is worn on the body but transcends the boundries of fashion.

The seventh artist of this exhibition, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook from Thailand is represented in the Annex of the Teien Art Museum. She has created a video-installation which – for good reason – I cannot show here.

But not just because of the current, breathtaking exhibition the Teien Art Museum is a “must” for everyone who is interested in art and architecture – the building alone is worth a visit. For further information (such as opening hours and how to get there) and lots of pictures of it, have a look at the following:

Teien Art Museum (庭園美術館)
– Art Deco at its best
or: Where French savoir-vivre meets Japanese craftsmanship


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  2. […] Tip: New Exhibition at the Teien Art Museum (庭園美術館) (English version) – Decoration never dies, anyway […]

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