Megutama (写真集食堂めぐたま) (Engl.)

The “picture-perfect” restaurant

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Tired from all shopping? Exhausted from all the sightseeing? Or are you just longing for some decent Japanese plain fare lunch? Are you the demanding type, who wants all those questions aswered and wishes fulfilled in combination with a trip into the colourful world of photography?
Well, you probably can stop searching – I may have the solution to all your questions and the place that’s there to satisfy all your demands at once!

Megutama (写真集食堂めぐたま)

The place is called “写真集食堂めぐたま” which is read: Shashinshū Shokudō Megutama. And if this conglomerate of Japanese words is all Greek to you, a (rough) translation may give you an impression of what is to be expected here: “Photo Book Restaurant Megutama”.

The small restaurant between Hiroo (広尾 / ひろお) and Ebisu (恵比寿 /えぶす) (a little more than five minutes walk from Ebisu station) in Tōkyō’s Shibuya ward (渋谷区 / しぶやく) is not just interesting for its name. It has much more to offer:

  • A rather unorthodox-cosy interior design.
  • Endless rows of a large variety of photo books (all together about 5,000)
  • And you can browse through those books while you are a guest here (you don’t even need to worry, whether you’ll be able to return the book to its rightful place afterwards – on every table you’ll find marker cards / place holder cards which you can use for marking the right spot).
  • There is a cosy small patio in the garden.
  • And, last but not least, there is something to eat for you – naturally…

The lunch menues are a recommendation, if it is plain & healthy Japanese home style cooking you are looking for – without wanting to spend a fortune on it.

As an excample you can see below one of the lunch sets with “shabu-shabu” (wafer-thinly sliced meat, briefly dipped into boiling water or broth), rice with sesame and corn, steamed vegetables and tōfu, pickles, miso soup and tea. All together for amazing 1,000 Yen – and in friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

But the “Megutama” is not just a “restaurant with photo books”. All of you, who are interested in architecture and interior design are at the right place there just as well:

The building itself was designed by Tadashi Murai (村井正 / むらいただし), who is rather famous for his “Aero House“-concept. His buildings consist (if I may simplify a bit) of “wooden boxes” that can be combined and expanded as desired. This project was created after 11 March 2011, when after the Great Earthquake of Northeast Japan earthquake-proof, but yet comfortable housing space had to be constructed quickly.

The interior of the “Megutama” was designed by the famous Yukio Hashimoto (橋本夕紀夫 / はしもとゆきお), whom we have to thank also for the interior design of various branches of the “Toraji” yakiniku restaurants, of “Mikimoto”, several rooms/spaces at the Tōkyō Hilton Hotel, of the “Happo-en”, and even of the “Ambiente Messe Frankfurt” (just to name a few).

Address of the “Megutama”:

Shashinshū Shokudō Megutama
3-2-7 Higashi, Shibuya-ku
Tōkyō 〒150-0011


Business hours of the “Megutama”:

Weekdays: 11:30 am to 11:00 pm (last order: 10:00 pm)
Weekend/holidays: 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm (last order: 9:00 pm)

Closed on Mondays (if Monday is a holiday, the restaurant remains closed on Tuesday instead).

Location of the “Megutama”:


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