Yaki-Yaki Miwa – やきやき三輪

Completely relaxed: rustic cuisine in the Ōsaka-style

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01 Yaki Yaki Miwa Banner

As Tōkyō is not only the biggest city in the world, but also because there is hardly another one that offers such a wide variety of restaurants for every budget, today shall be yet another occasion to devote ourselves to those things our throat (and what follows the way down to the stomach) was made for. And that shall be done based on the example a restaurant called “Yaki-Yaki Miwa” in Hiroo is giving.

Even though the name will most likely suggest something else (who would think of giving a restaurant “Yaki-Yaki” as a first name?), it stands for a real beacon of palatal indulgances that puts its emphasis on grilled and roasted delicacies. As it just happens, “Yaki” (焼き / やき) stands for “roast” or “grill”.
The parent of this restaurant has its home in Ōsaka. And that’s where all the delicacies and recipes come from that are also being served in the Tōkyō branches (details see below). For the sake of completeness it shall not go unmentioned that there is an obviously also quite popular branch in Honolulu/Hawaii.

The restaurant  in Hiroo (on which this posting is largely based) offers a bar and two teppanyaki tables (tables with a steel-plate grill in the center – all tables in the restaurant are equipped with such a grill) for four persons each on the ground floor. The large main barbecue and a counter with 10 seats is located on the 1st floor, together with some further teppanyaki tables. The 2nd floor is the “cosiest” one, as it provides three very snug rooms in the Japanese style where you can sit on tatami flooring (but don’t worry, there is ample space for your legs beneath the tables). In addition to these three “tatami”-rooms there is also a cosy alcove table for four persons. The pictures below also show, that the main restaurant in Ōsaka is furnished in a similarly cosy but unusual way.

Please click one of the miniatures in the mosaic above to start a slide show in screen size.

What all Yaki-Yaki Miwa restaurants have in common are their rustic features, a most casual atmosphere and an authentic variety of food and drinks. They may not be the cheapest in town, but they all offer good value for your money. Lovers of “okonomiyaki” (お好み焼き / おこのみやき) – calumniously called “the Japanese answer to pizza” – are getting their money’s worth as well as everyone who likes grilled seafood or meat. In any case, don’t miss the steaks there – they really are a treat! And another delicacy: sobameshi (fried vegetables with chopped up soba noodles).

Based on the restaurant in Hiroo (広尾 / ひろお), Minami Azabu (南麻布 / みなみあざぶ) in the Minato ward (港区 / みなとく) in Tōkyō I am giving you some optical impressions (two delicacies tasted at the restaurant in Ginza are also included). But it should be mentioned that these pictures cannot satisfactorily represent the place, as they lack the atmophere and the delicious smells (not to mention the taste of the food).

Please click one of the miniatures in the mosaic above to start a slide show in screen size.

Address of the restaurant in Hiroo:

5-2-35 Minami Azabu
Tōkyō 106-0047


Opening hours:

Montag to Saturday: 6 pm to midnight (last order), bar until 3 am.
Sunday and holidays: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Telephone: 03-3448-1858

As the place is really popular, it gets crowded very often; make sure to make a reservation in advance.

Address of the parent restaurant in Ōsaka:

Sun East Building 202
2-13-30 Minami Horie
550-0015 Ōsaka-shi


Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 5 pm to 11 pm (last order)
Sunday and holidays: 5 pm to 10 pm (last order)
no fixed day off

Further branch in Tōkyō:

Marronnier Gate 12F
2-2-14 Ginza
Tōkyō 104-0061

〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座2-2-14マロニエゲート12F

Opening hours:

Lunch: 11 am to 3 pm
Dinner: 5 pm to 11 pm (last order: 11 pm)
Closed on January 1st and on the third Monday in October



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